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Why is the 'Login box' displayed when I am trying to download a file?

The various CAD-Architect memberships provide users access to different download categories. The Gold and Platinum memberships are not upgrades to each other, but rather gives access to different download areas, even though some access areas might overlap slightly. When trying to access the files exclusive of your membership, the login box will be displayed prompting you to upgrade your membership should you wish to download that particular file.

Please compare licenses, or click here to see your current subscription status.

How do I convert Metric (mm) dimensions to Imperial (Inches) in AutoCAD?

  • Open the 'Dimension' toolbar and click on 'Dimension settings' to open the 'Dimension settings' dialogue box
  • Select 'Dimstyle' in use by clicking the white window on the left and select 'Modify'
  • Click on the 'Primary units' tab and set the 'Unit format' drop down menu to 'Architectural' and the precision to 0"-0'
  • Save the changes and the existing dimensions will be displayed in imperial units.

How do I 'hard convert' a drawing from Metric to Imperial units?

The unit type typically used in U.S.A. is known as "Imperial" units (feet and inches). Other countries use the "SI" or Metric system for drawing units. The drawings on our website is drawn in metric units. To scale the objects in the drawing from mm to inch or vice versa, set the drawing to your desired units and simply select everything in the drawing and use the scale command to resize everything to your desired measurement unit. Use our Unit Converter to obtain the correct conversion factors.

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Can you login with your details using the login box on the top right?

NO: Please make sure that you are using the correct login details as provided during signup. If you forgot your login details, go here to request that your details be emailed to you.

YES: Are you able to download any of the CAD files to your system?

NO: This website has known issues with MacOS Safari browser. CAD-Architect is tested and is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome internet browsers. To rectify your problem, download Mozilla Firefox free here.

YES: you can download files, do you have trouble opening it in your CAD software?

YES: and you have an incompatible AutoCAD version or other CAD package, you can download Autodesk's FREE DWG Viewer software and use it to convert the ACAD 2007 files on this website to older format DWG files for use in your version of AutoCAD or other CAD software.

YES: and you DO have AutoCAD 2007 or later or another CAD package that is compatible with AutoCAD 2007 installed on your system?

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