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CAD Architect offers companies an opportunity to increase their visibility by making their corporate ads visible to thousands of unique visitors a month. Because of our niche product market, you are assured that your product is advertised to a very specific audience consisting mainly of Architects, Interior designers, Engineers, Contractors and other Building and CAD industry professionals.


  • Unique visitors per month: 30,000
  • Page views per month: 150,000
  • Google page rank: 4
  • Alexa world ranking: 660

CAD-architect.net is a multi-faceted media company reaching the CAD and Building industry market in a variety of ways. You will have a great opportunity to advertise in front of Architectural firms, Interior design companies and related consumers who are on the constant lookout for new products in the built environment. Searching through the CAD-architect.net web site will keep professionals occupied for a long time giving more exposure to your product. The pages on CAD-architect.net have been carefully optimized for speed and ease of navigation without unnecessary embellishments resulting in a great viewers' experience. The site contains a prolific amount of interesting articles, tools, downloadable CAD symbols, details & drawings making it an architect or building designers' one stop haven of information. Because we spend an enormous amount of time on shrewd web marketing, intelligent design and search engine optimization, CAD-architect.net enjoys top positions in most of the major search engines.

Why advertise online?

  • Targeting - With online media, you have the opportunity to only target highly specific demographic and industry groups like the architecture industry.
  • Control - Online advertising offers complete control over your message, your audience, your reach and much more.
  • Speed - Offline advertising is much slower. You can begin an online campaign reaching thousands of potential customers literally in hours.
  • Optimisation - Online advertising allows you, if desired, the ability to tweak or alter your ad creative regularly and instantly to test messages and promotional ideas.
  • Direct response - Online advertising offers your audience the ability to respond directly and immediately to your offers.
  • Cost - It is one of the least expensive routes available to market your product and services, whether measured by total cost or cost per thousand impressions.

Start getting exposure to your website from as little as 100 USD / Month - Please contact us for our full schedule of rates.