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License: Platinum [?] | File Format: MS Word / MS Excel | Contracts Disclaimer

General Architects' Office

Tender Process & Contractor

Project Management (Principal Agent)

  • Clerk of Works
  • Letter of appointment for project viability
  • Letter to employer - Appointment of agents
  • Civil / Structural Engineer first letter
  • Agenda for Site Progress Meeting
  • Minutes of Site Progress Meeting
  • Template - Clerk of Works Report
  • Cover Letter - Client - Payment Certificate
  • Cover Letter - Contractor - Payment Certificate
  • Cover Letter - Sub Contractor - Payment Certificate
  • Money withheld from contractor
  • Contract Instruction
  • Letter to Employer - Final Payment Certificate
  • Letter confirm nominated sub contractor payment
  • Letter confirm selected sub contractor payment
  • Contract works insurance
  • Lateral Support & Insurance
  • Letter to Consultants - Appointment as Agents
  • Checklist - Contract Agreement documentation
  • Letter construction guarantee signatory

Please note: All the listed unavailable documents will be uploaded gradually, but should you require one of these documents urgently, please contact us and we will move the document to the top of the list to upload.