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CAD-Architect has vast experience in every aspect of 2D CAD drafting operations offering unparalleled standards of accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.

As a preferred CAD outsourcing services partner to a worldwide client base since 2008, we take great pride in our work, and adopt an over-committed attitude to meeting our clients’ requirements and deadlines.

Our CAD design and drafting services covers a wide spectrum of disciplines with clients in the architectural, construction, engineering and residential building industries.

Worldwide CAD outsourcing


We provide clients from the US, Canada, UK and Australia a dedicated offshore resource that works within their local standards to produce quality architectural CAD drawings for all their design and planning needs.

CAD Skills and Expertise


Our range of work and expertise includes working with architectural and engineering firms, furniture and joinery manufacturers, interior designers, landscape architects, equipment manufactures and much more.

CAD codes and standards


Working to country-specific design codes and standards, we provide comprehensive construction & technical documentation drawing sets for planning applications, tender processes and construction purposes.

Competitive CAD services


CAD Architect offers established industry experience at highly competitive rates. We are always committed to offer professional and cost effective CAD drafting services to anyone no matter the size or complexity.

As industry veterans with over 25 years' experience, and with fees from as little as $99 for a Tier 1 project, no job is too complex or too simple for us to take on.