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Ten reasons to appoint an architect

1. Aesthetics.

An architect is concerned with aesthetic issues, manipulating proportions, alignments, masses, volumes and materials to create a sensible, pleasing building which can be enjoyed by the occupants as well as the public.

2. Allow for your tastes and requirements.

An architect will try and get into the clients’ psyche to read what they want and with that tailor the design to their unique style and requirements in a sagacious way without trying to impose his or her own taste and preferences.

3. Overall project understanding.

Architects that are involved from the start of the project are in the position to gain a better understanding of your particular requirements and develop unique solutions and propose ways to reduce costs.

4. Cost efficient.

An architect is knowledgeable with good cost efficient products available on the market and knows how to plan within your budget to ensure you get best value for money and good quality fittings.

5. Building codes and laws.

Architects are familiar with local building codes and by laws and your project will comply with all the building regulations and neighborhood building zoning laws. He or she can also help your project through the construction permitting process.

6. Contractor advice.

An architect can recommend contractors who might be well suited for your particular building project. He or she might also be involved in coordinating a team of specialist consultants to ensure the overall well being of the final product.

7. Plan for the future.

An architect can look beyond your immediate requirements to design your home to be able to adapt and extend if necessary to your families’ changing needs.

8. Functionality.

Architects create homes that are pleasing and functional for those who use or live in them. Such a professional tailors a design to take into account particular needs and locations.

9. Environment.

Houses designed by architects will be sensitive to its surrounding environment and will use all natural elements, topography or views to the best use of the site within the specific client requirements.

10. Project management.

Architects can manage your project from site selecting to completions constantly providing you advice or solutions to the choices you as the client face, saving you valuable time and provide you with complete peace of mind.