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Stylish bathrooms - Geberit concealed cistern systems

Gone are the days when bathrooms were merely functional rooms where ones business is done as soon as possible and the room were vacated for the rest of the time. Today’s bathrooms are, although small, becoming areas of luxury and a place to spend time and unwind after a long day’s work.

In the olden days you had no choice but to live with traditional exposed toilet cisterns, unsightly waste pipes and pedestal toilets but these days since the introduction of the Swiss based company, Geberit, this could all be a thing of the past. With the Geberit wall-hung system, the toilet is easily hung straight onto the wall, giving you the sense of space and freedom to create you dream bathroom. This system will in all events make your bathroom appear more spacious with its cleverly concealed system hiding all pipes and the cistern in the wall. After installing the Geberit system you will have complete freedom to clad your wall behind it with the material of your choice to suite any style and provide clear and elegant lines. The system adapts to any environment and works especially well in small bathrooms or loft areas where space is precious.

The Geberit system with its concealed cistern is extremely attractive and works reliably and is very quiet and efficient. The system can be installed hassle free and is operated easily and maintaining the system is a breeze as the push plate is removed effortlessly and you don’t need to break a wall to get access to the cistern. The range of flush plates is nearly limitless complimenting any style or theme of bathroom and with materials such as durable plastic, stainless steel or pressed metal can withstand the toughest environments while looking great at the same time. Push plate not for you? You can also make use of their infrared system which is activated when a person leaves the toilet and will flush automatically!

Even though in some instances the installed system might appear flimsy, looks can be deceiving as the internal support structure is designed to be able to withstand loads of up to 400kg even though it is wall hung and not floor supported. None of the support structure is exposed anywhere as all is contained in the wall and all you are left with is utter elegance, clean spaces and a seat you don’t need to be afraid to sit on.

With a system such as the Geberit, where the structure is wall hung and no area is in contact with the floor it becomes an extremely hygienic solution as the entire surface below is exposed and easy to clean. The pipes are also hidden in the wall thus leaves no nooks and crack for dirt and grime to collect alongside the pipe as is the case with conventional systems. Finally the whole bathroom floor can be cleaned effortlessly without getting down on your knees!

The Geberit system comes with a standard ten year guarantee and conforms to some of the highest European quality standards. The system have also been tested and approved by some of the worlds’ highest quality check organizations. Have fun installing your system for a beautifully elegant looking bathroom on par with today’s modern way of living.