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CAD Architect is a worldwide CAD resource library of 6500+ AutoCAD symbols, details & drawings for Architects, CAD draughtsman & related building industry professionals.

Download 2d CAD Blocks

CAD Architect currently features over 2500 2D CAD Symbols in AutoCAD format. Our 2D symbols greatly enhance your sketch & presentation drawings & provide clients with very detailed, graphically pleasing layouts which they will understand better.

Download CAD Color Blocks and Symbols

Create striking colourful Floor Plans within AutoCAD. Our range of over 1000 impressive new professionally rendered symbols will assist in a variety of attractive floor plans that will better communicate & visualize your ideas to your clients.

CAD Details and AutoCAD Drawings
Browse Details / Drawings

With the current building industry's demanding clients and huge time constraints to produce working drawings, our extensive set of building industry CAD details & drawings will aid in getting your details, drawings & layouts done on time!

CAD Building Plans and Templates

An essential reference in the initial design & planning of a building project. Plans are organized by building type providing a collection of data on spatial requirements, services, circulation routes, planning, function, site layout & other technical info.



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