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11 December 2009

Another busy year has flown by which has seen the addition of many more CAD drawings & symbols to the CAD Architect membership community now totalling at over 6700 files. We recently also added a whole range of CAD American house plans under the Residential buildings section, another CAD product unique to CAD Architect. We have a lot more in the pipeline for 2010 but we’ll wait until next year to tell you about that. In the meantime we wish you a well earned rest ahead of an exciting year to follow. We wish to thank you for your continued support and may you and yours have a safe and joyous holiday season. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.


29 May 2009

Our first birthday is coming up soon and to celebrate we are in the process of purchasing the selling / publishing rights of another 1.5GB worth of CAD symbols, drawings &  templates. We currently have a library of over 6400 files on CAD Architect and we would like to greatly increase our database for an even  better & more comprehensive user experience for our members.


30 January 2009

Its the new year gain and hope that you had a good break if you had one. We have once again had our busiest month in terms of visitors with close to 11000 hits which we are very grateful for as it seems we are still growing at a constant rate. We have worked a bit on the aesthetics of the overall site during the last month and feel that it is a great improvement - we would like to hear what you think as well. To date we have a library of 5410 dwg files which we endeavor to greatly increase in the following months.


4 December 2008

CAD Architect would like to thank all it's members for a great year! We have had a great first 6 months constantly updating and improving the site to provide our users with the ultimate experience when visiting our site. We had had close to 10 000 new unique visitors to our site during the last month and are very thankful that the site has made such great progress from month to month. The last month also saw the launch of our new '1 day all access pass' product providing users with an inexpensive alternative for a quick file download instead of becoming a member to the site - This product has proved to be very successful and we will be focusing our attention to refining this product concept in the year to come. We would like to wish you a happy festive season and a prosperous new year! - The CAD Architect team.


1 November 2008

It’s already November! The year is nearing its end again, even though it felt like it only started! CAD Architect is now almost 5 months old and even though most international markets are currently uncertain and many people do not have a lot of excess money to spend on web memberships, we are still really happy with the progress that the site has made up to date and with the amount of members we have gained. In terms of site popularity, we have had our busiest month yet, with close to 7000 unique visitors compared to the just over 5000 visitors last month.
During the last month we spend a lot of time on the overall aesthetics and user friendliness of the site to give our members the ultimate experience when visiting CAD Architect. During this time we also added more content and uploaded at least another 150 very useful CAD drawings, details & templates.
We would like to encourage all our members and non-members to contact us if you have any comments, suggestions or criticisms as we would like to do our utmost in making this site the best possible CAD user experience available. Thank you to our members for making this website a reality – we will continue to endeavor to constantly up the bar!


1 October 2008

CAD Architect has had a great month thanks to you. It's has been our first month with our membership software in place and we've gained new members literally from all over the world! Thank you to all the new members, we trust that you will gain a lot more from this site than you even expected!

Also, in keeping with our promise to our members, we have really been busy uploading new content to the site and we've increased the total count of CAD files from 2536 files a month ago to over 4000 files!

During the past month, we focussed almost all of our attention on bringing to life a new premium colour symbol section (Gold membership required) for use in rendering your floor plans very professionally and over 1000 new colour symbols was added.

In the following month, we will re-direct our focus to the details, drawings and building templates sections and hope to upload at least over 100 new files.

CAD Architect takes a lot of time and effort to maintain and for fresh content to be added regularly a lot of resources are used, hence we have had to make a small increase to our membership prices unfortunately. (Prices vary now from $19.99 for Plastic to $69.99 for Platinum memberships)

Thank you once again for your support, and we hope to gain many more users during the month to come!


28 August 2008

Finally, after a really long struggle and working around the clock, CAD Architect has implemented it's membership software, payment system & merchant account! Phew, what a relief as now we can focus more on adding CAD files & content and less on getting the site admin right. While working on implementing the membership software another 700 AutoCAD files have also been added this past month and the total CAD files now stands on 2536 files.

We have changed our minds once again with regards to pricing of our memberships. We thought it wise to first start our pricing extremely low but will gradually increase the fees as the site grows. Three membership types will be offered initially at introductory prices of $14.99 for the entry level plastic membership (while doing research we learned that one can pay up to $120 for inferior cad symbol products elsewhere on the web),

A Gold membership will cost $29.00 & $59.99 for the full 'platinum' membership giving you access to all that the site has to offer.

It has really been a hectic past month to get the site ready to launch fully and we want to thank you for your patience and support. Enjoy your memberships!!


14 July 2008

It’s already a month later and Cad architect is proud to have had its first 500 hits while the site is still in its baby shoes and being built. To date we have uploaded 1836 cad files to the site and we are planning to upload literally hundreds more in the following months. Our idea in the meantime, to sell the files individually has changed and we are working hard to change the site to a paid membership website. We have not finalized our payment services and merchant online account, but when implemented a 6 month membership would cost around $99 and this would include full access to all CAD files on this site. If you have any comments or ideas we would love to hear you opinion! Please email us at the address below.


 15 June 2008

Our site was established and uploaded to the World Wide Web on 15 June 2008. The original idea behind CAD Architect was to make it quick and easy for Architects and alike to quickly download a building template or drawing that would be necessary for them to start with a new design or to complete a working drawing effortlessly.



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